Odoo is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Financial management, and Human Resources just to name a few. Based on our functional and technical expertise over 3 years in Odoo(OpenERP), meeting customer needs for customization and providing expertise in ERP domain is our top most priority. Our domain and business expertise helps us and our customers to achieve quick time to value. Odoo is flexible framework and our extensive experience in Odoo creates a way for rapid customization and hence satisfying customer specific requirements. This functional training course is dedicated to our customers and end-users who need functional understanding of Odoo. This technical training course is dedicated to our customers and end-users who need to grasp knowledge of the Odoo Module development, who are eager to learn more about technical aspects of Odoo.


  • Access rights
  • New Android Mobile App
  • Onboarding Tips
  • Quick Creation
  • Planners
  • Translations evolution
  • Keyboard navigation
  • File Import
  • Developer mode


  • Payment providers
  • New Payment providers
  • eCommerce dashboard
  • Order Confirmation
  • Images magnifier
  • Track delivery number
  • Product multi images


  • Terms & Conditions
  • Refunds
  • New Yodlee Interface
  • Aged Payables/Receivables
  • CSV Statement Import
  • Full Reconciliation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is no new term, it specializes or automates different processes within the organization that is related to dealing current or future customers. Customers form the base of any business and maintaining them requires automation, organizing and synchronization of mainly four main functions of a business, i.e., customer service, sales, marketing and technical support. With Odoo CRM, the organization can easily track leads, generate accurate forecasts and close opportunities. Sales features are above average and grants you enough power to drive sales from nowhere.

Features of CRM

  • Kanban Board for Sales Pipeline
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Engagement with Gamification
  • Social Network Integration
  • Lead Automation
  • Email Integration
  • Integrated Customer Management
  • Customizable Sales Cycle
  • Data Segmentation

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Sales department deals with all the sales that are done by the organization. Sales can be a complicated process for many businesses and with huge sales figure, organization can find in a spot of bother when tracking each sale and its prospects. With streamlined information, sales department can find flaws and improve in the sales process. Sales is undoubtedly the most important part of any organization as it opens the world of opportunities for the business and creates the right platform for creating insurmountable profit and networking.

  • Streamlined Sales Process
  • Multi-Pricelist
  • Electronic Signature
  • Multi Currency
  • Teams and Goals
  • Sales Forecasting

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Accounting is the most important part of any organization. With accounting, any business can easily gauge the economic activities and come up with reports that can be shared with the stockholders. The stockholders also play an important role in accounting to any organization. All the expenses, profits and other forms of revenue is calculated using the Accounting software. People who manage the accounts are known as accountants. With Business growing exponentially, having a system that is completely integrated with sales and inventory is a must for business to survive.

  • Cash and Asset Management
  • Controlling and Budget Management
  • General Ledger Management
  • Online Invoicing and Expenses
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Compilance Management
  • Multi-Currency Accounting
  • Cost Centre and KPI
  • Bank Reconciliation

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E-commerce & Website Builder

Online Entrepreneurship is an interesting prospect with an idea of creating value for the internet users and providing services that go beyond the limitation of brick and mortar companies. Online E-commerce website needs a special set of features to completely overcome the limitation of the regular website. The E-Commerce website should offer item display, a completely automated shopping cart and also offer an intuitive display with the focus on content. Odoo E-commerce has tons of options for your business.

  • Clean Google Analytics Integration
  • Built-in Invoicing & Accounting
  • Content Management
  • Full Featured E-Commerce
  • Customer Accounts
  • Support for Various Payment Methods
  • Integrated Inventory Management
  • Product Catalog
  • SEO Management

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Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) solution offers customer services for completing transactions. The service enables business to generate the receipt, accept cash and deliver an array of services to the customers. The customer buys products or services, which is then entered into the system for easy tracking and updating stock in the warehouse.

POS Features

  • Touch Screen
  • Speedy Product LookUp
  • Cloud Hybrid System
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Analytics
  • Cash Register/Drawer
  • Mobile Selling
  • Accounting Integration
  • Multi-Station Management

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